How to dress to flatter your petite figure
Fashion tips for the petite woman

10 Fashion tips for the petite woman

1. Do not use an over sized handbag or fashion tote. You need to scale down your handbag size to match your petite stature or it will simply overwhelm your overall look and make you look even tinier!

2. Never wear loose over sized clothing . They may look fabulous on your taller sister but believe me well fitting tailored clothing will suit your figure so much better. Avoid any clothing with too much bulk or a heavy fabric as this will just make a short petite lady look shorter and heavier! Look at this perfect precis petite floral dress with a scoop neck and light stretchy fabric for a perfect fit
floral dress by Precis for the petite woman

3.Keep well away from horizontal stripes – your friend is the vertical stripe which will make you look taller. Try to find clothing with feature seams on the vertical to visually make you look leaner and lengthen you overall

4.Remember the V Neckline is your best friend, A V Neckline creates the illusion of height and should always be your preferred choice when buying dresses, blouses and jackets Check out this dress by Minuet petite with its flattering V neck and light fabric for your ideal look.

5 Always but always choose a thin fabric over a bulkier one. You do not want heavily textured fabrics to add bulk to your frame . No need to avoid light textured clothing which is very becoming to all of course, but stay away from the heavy ones completely.The image you are looking for is long and lean! Look at this dress by Minuet petite for an idea of your perfect light dress

6.Dress completely top to toe in one colour! Match your tights and shoes to your outfit to complete the image of long lean and sexy! Black, Navy, Burgundy, Grey are great shades to use for your base. Add a colour pop with a light scarf to brighten your face but again nothing too heavy to overwhelm you.

7.Mini skirts are a big no no! Forget them. Short ladies dont have long lean legs! A mini skirt will fall on your thigh at its thickest part – not a good look. Leave the minis for your taller sisters!

8.Contrasting belts and thick belts are a huge no no! They will cut you in half visually and make you appear even smaller! Slim self belts to match your outfit are fine as you will keep the overall longer leaner profile.

9.Keep trousers simple – No belts, no pockets, no pleats, no cuffs. Always wear a slim straight cut .Simple as that.

10.Wear heels. They are your very best friend adding inches to your height. Keep away from ankle straps which will diminish your lean look cutting up that vertical line you so need and make you appear shorter.


Miss Peachy