How to dress to flatter your plus size figure - Fashion tips for the plus size woman

Tunic, fit and flare and body skimming shift style dresses in one colour are perfect for your shape.

Check out the Miss Peachy plus size collection  and the Jaeger collection for ideas.
These dresses give a perfect base to work with and can easily be accessorised for day or night.
Buy the best you can afford.
Designer fashion houses use premium fabrics and cut their clothing in a kinder way to flatter the larger woman. A good quality piece of clothing will look classier and last you for many years if you look after it.
View your clothes purchases as investing in yourself  .Well picked clothing purchases will save you money in the long term as well as ensuring you look good right now..

Fashion Tip: Finish off your outfit with a bright colour accessory like a fashion scarf for example which makes the outfit your own and adds texture, colour and interest. Alternatively use a piece of statement jewellery
This can also highlight the area it's placed on. See our very affordable scarves in the Miss Peachy Accessories section for ideas.
Avoid high contrast colour blends which will chop up your frame and make you look wider.
A trick if you love the classic white blouse and black trousers look, is to top it off with a jacket in a similar dark colour and that "fastens" with the bottom garment. This creates a better vertical flow for the eye.
Vertical details make the eye go up and down and are your best friend.

Select garments in one colour or with strong vertical prints and details.
Examples are:

Also look for long statement jewellery pieces over 40" long

Always choose V neck or deep scoop neck shapes
They're the perfect neckline to make your body appear thinner and longer.The V-shape or deep scoop shape  neckline are an excellent way to make the eye go up and down. If you have a really full bust, choose V necks that stops right above your cleavage. Check out the Nigella dress in our M & S collection. You dont need to shy away from colour but wear it as one single shade only ideally or with similar shades of that colour.

Strategically placed accessories
For example, wear scarves long and dangling (or allow one of the ends to fall freely) .
If you are a pear body shape and lack width and volume on top compared to your hips this would not apply to you

If have a big bust, letting one of the ends fall freely vertically is ideal to draw the eye up and down

Get the right fit
Please ensure the garment isn't too loose or too tight on your body frame
I know you may feel you want to hide behind tented clothing but it will simply make you look heavier.  If you wear clothing that is too tight you will create wrinkles and pulls across your body as you move, and unwittingly create lumps and bumps that appear to widen your body frame. Not a good look.

Scale you clothing to your body size
So wear wider belts, , single colours, bigger prints and use larger scaled handbags and totes.We have a great selection of large handbags and totes at Miss Peachy.
However if you are petite definately stick to medium-scale. Please leave the small and dainty accessories to your tinier sister. They will only make you look big in comparison. However its OK to wear small bracelets as long as you wear several together to create a fuller bracelet. 

Bust Size
If you have a full large bust you need bigger necklaces; smaller busts look better with delicate jewellery pieces.This scaling guide also applies to scarves.
Eg. Chunky wool scarves and wide scarves work best on bigger busted women.

Wrist and Hands
Bracelets, rings and watches should be scaled to the size of your hands, wrists and hands.

Calves, Ankles & Feet
Full calves need bigger details such as a thicker heel (eg. wedge instead of stiletto). If you have slim and dainty feet and ankles you can wear slimmer heels.
Avoid ankle straps at all cost as they will cut across and visually shorten you.

Invest in some good quality body shapewear
They will repay you time and time again by trimming and tucking you in whenever you need it! A good quality body shaper works like magic on those unwanted lumps and bumps
Great fitting underwear is very mportant for you, A good bra will hold and lift up a big bust to reveal your torso which makes you look instantly slimmer. I would recommend you to get professionally measured for your bra. The big department stores offer a free measuring service .Wearing the wrong sized bra underneath your clothes will make you look bulkier than you really are and do you no favours..

Wear clothing with structured definition to the top and waist

The wider your waist appears the heavier you will appear - definition is your friend. A slim waist can visually reduce you by up to ten pounds overall and give you an appealing hourglass silhouette. So if you have a fuller waist wear clothes that define the thinnest part of your waist.

However if your mid-section is fuller stick to empire cut, tunic or fit and flare to skim over the tummy. These styles are defined and cut to right below your bust instead of at your waist.
I hope you found these essential tips useful

Wear all one colour top to toe

One of the safest and simplest ways to look slimmer is to wear dark or light colours in the same shade range from top to toe, like for example a black skirt and a dark grey top. I know it doesnt sound like ground breaking news but wearing contrasting colours (which completely cuts up your bodyframe) makes the eye go up and down, instead of from side to side.Contrasting colours are not generally good news for the bigger woman. Stick to plain single colours for
dresses if possible and use accessories to alter your fashion look.